Xpenguin Morrowind Special (with Chris Were And Drew)


Chris Were and Drew join Hex for a Morrowind Multiplayer SPECIAL. Mostly we talk about why Morrowind is best game and why Skyrim bad game. Also, we have no feelings on Oblivion, in case you wondered.

HexDSL & Chris & Drew

Things it has:

  • Improved View distances.
  • High resolution Graphics.
  • Multiplayer, with very few downsides.
  • Really great performance.
  • Made a script that opens it on steam so I can track hours.

Things it should fix:

  • Terrible security

    💬 Drew: ^ that’s my fault!

  • Janky multiplayer options! (we all get Quest if one person does)
  • Occasional de-syncing

Things we did:

  • Balmora is basically fucked.
  • Police chased us out of Balmora and Drew had was the most wanted man alive.
  • I jumped into the sky. and died. Thanks for that one Chris and Drew!
  • I Spent 30k trying to get a woman to punch me! (then)
  • Started a fight witha bunch of mages. (got killed)
  • Started a fight with the whole Corner Club. (got killed)
  • Started a fight with (<-Drew edited that) Murdered some miners. (got killed)

    💬 Hex: ^ They Had it coming!

  • Started a fight with man in a shop. (got killed)
  • Also, I get beaten up every time I sleep and it is not cool

    💬 Drew: ^ But it kinda is cool because we make a lot of money

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