Xpenguin With Cheese And Bees! (linux Talk)


Better than Game of Thrones! (I am told) - This week Cheese join Hex to talk BEES, and BEE GAMES and BEE RELATED THINGS. There are a lot of Bees in this weeks show!




Playing Games:

Making Games:

  • Hive Time
  • Honeycomb CRUNCH
    • Progress thread
    • Cheese is going to have a small, considered tirade about respecting people who make stuff, which may or may not go along the lines of “Fuck you dude with your unsolicited creative input into a game you didn’t make, fuck you for assuming that the game is something bigger than it’s clearly documented to be, fuck you for accusing me of abandoning the shit I work hard to make just because its final state isn’t what you want”

The Not News!

(note - kept topics to a minimum today as )

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