Weekly Linux Gaming Talk


NOTE: focussing less on games played this week to make room for ‘show changes’ section.


Hamish The Polar Bear


  • Insurgency & Day of Infamy
    • Fix for Linux players not showing online.
    • Loadout Scripts. (WIP)

This week:

Current Distro: Arch (w/i3wm) (Main PC) / KXStudio (Laptop)

‘SexyHexy’ - HexDSL


  • Retro Gaming
    • Truxton (Megadrive)
    • Shining Force (Megadrive)
    • Alien Hominid (Gameboy Advance)

This week:

  • Changes to channel (and .XPenguin show)
    • .XP gets its own full website this week.
    • RSS feed for .XP coming as part of the website.
    • Show notes published weekly on the website with fill links.
    • .XP is now weekly! (but shorter)
    • Thanks Drew & Hamish for literally doing all the work on this!
    • I’m Dropping the ‘Bazaar’ Branding for the Wednesday Videos (will retrun for ‘specials’)

Current Distro: Antergos (i3wm)

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