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This week on .XP Hamish and Hex talk about Templar Battleforce, Crossing souls, a Bug that Ruined Trailblazers and some other games, theres also a lot of talk about the new Valve Android app and a shed. Also, there’s that website thing.


Hamish The Polar Bear


This week:

  • Jedi Knight II / Jedi Academy with Realistic Lightsaber damage
  • Penumbra: Necrologue A free, community made mod that continues the Penumbra series.

Current Distro: Arch (w/i3wm)



This week:

  • Website update? - No Java, no JavaScript, no Flash, no cookies, no ads, no popups, no odd plugins, no DRM, no login and no tracking of any kind! - Please enjoy this website. - Thank you to Drew for making this and Hamish for hosting the MP3s

Current Distro: Antergos (i3wm)

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