The One Where The Usb Misbehaved


This week Hex had technical difficulties, we talked about hamishes Cockatrice, praised a table top game called Lords of Waterdeep and then talked about some recent news, including triggering Hamish by saying Atari!


Hamish The PolarBear


This week:

  • MtG Arena Woes
  • A new video
  • Ordered Custom Keycaps

Current Distro: Antergos (w/i3wm)



This week:

  • The Straw Poll!
  • YTCC is amazing! - Systemd Timer now ticking away getting my subs every hour!
  • Switched to Systemd Networking (faster connection, less messing about)
  • Switched to Zsh (Drew made me, its nice)

Current Distro: Antergos (i3wm)

The Not News!

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