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This week I am joined by streamer/community member ArchToasty for some hardcore Ballistic overkill talk and some DXVK discussion. I talk about Lazy Galaxy and Graveyard keeper. In the news section we discuss steams seemingly bold move towards platform agnostic gaming, Banner sagas abandonment and some awesome Blender benchmarking.

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This week:

  • Xpenguin website is now free from Microsoft as Drew (uoou) migrated the whole site over to gitlab last night! - also My Dot files are gitlab now!
  • Left Dropbox!- Now using NextCloud and Syncthing to test syncthing i used it for moving 480GB between 2 pcs yesterday! worked fine, android app is shite though.
  • All My videos will be on peertube from now on.

Current Distro: Antergos (i3wm)



This week:

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