Steam Play Special : Romans Go Home


The only topic this week is STEAM PLAY because its the only news Hex cares about :) - Windows games on Linux via steam, one click wine is here! - Hex is joined my both Ouou, ArchToasty & Coda, we discuss and debate what it all means! (also, we learn what the number XV is)

Host Information:

  • HexDSL
  • Coda
  • uoou
  • ArchTaosty


This is the only topic we need for this week! - work down the list in order, try not to get distracted. when we reach the end we do the open discussions.

Contact me!

TOASTY (The Toast with the Most)

CODA (code ahhhh)

uoou (ooohohoauou)

HexDSL (Sexy Hexy)

On Peertube

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