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This week Hex is joined by LGG Mod, Nusuey! (LGG mod, TuxDB Creator, Streamer and Guitar Legend!) Where we discuss that one Linus Tech Tips video, the new POL release and other such wonderful newsy type items. We also praise CrossCode and talk Battle(rite) Royale!

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This week:

FYI! Turns out that Bluetooth ‘scanning’ can break Suspend! (good work systemd, you knob!)

PSA: To the people messaging me about OVERWATCH not running okay, IDK why yours isn’t working but I’m running at like 70fps dead on, its not a trick, I streamed it more than once, so have other people! (yes, I play a lot! I’m lvl 85 100% Linux time logged!)



This week:

Played too many non-native games .. but not ashamed of it! Tried to make ALL WALLS MUST FALL working (freezes the entire pc on my system), tried bootable LIVE usb, same thing, tried using LLVM7 from the ARCH staging repos (they even tell you on the arch wiki to not use them) same thing. Lesson learned: Probably should just bug report instead

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