Naked Dog Baths (linux)


ArchToasty talks about naked dog baths and gets pooped on by a cat. Yes… really. Meanwhile Hex talks Stadia, Ys games and we have a a good old rant about text editors! :P


Games: (there be affiliate links below!)


Not News…

  • Forbes article about stuff “Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais told me that the performance work being done in Proton and DXVK has gotten to a point where the CPU overhead of translating DX11 through DXVK can be lower than the overhead in the native AMD DX11 driver on Windows”
  • Steam Updates
  • Valve Citidel????
  • Ubi soft say linux usnt that expensive
  • STADIA AMA when asked about a partnership with Valve, the answer was “Great question! My PR guy will kill me…we’re always evaluating our options to make Stadia a better place for the gamers :)” Also the Chomuim vs chrome question was ignored

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